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Interesting question! In the late 90’s… I always appreciated Music from listening to the classic NES Music such as Donkey Kong Country, Megaman, Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda and So on! I loved them! But, when I was introduced to EDM (Electric Dance Music) and IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) from my Brothers, I wanted to learn how to make music! I was listening to many artists such as ATB, Tiesto, and OceanLab. Shortly after eight years (2007), My friend and I, were playing Halo 3! My brother showed us an interesting Program called “FL Studio 8” and we instantly fell in love with it, creating random beats that sounded pretty bad! but most importantly we had fun! ever since then i created a musician name and made very bad music! I was composing music on another Alias called “Scuro” which had dark ambiance, ambient and soundscape, Then I decided to stop due to college and wanted to focus on my film/sound degree… around 2010, I decided to pick up music composing again under a new alias called “Resonant Waves” where I found new musician friends, different Music styles and a whole new appreciation for music!
When you show people your music always take constructed criticism seriously and learn from it. You should be thankful for having this person listen to your music and giving you feedback! Some people cannot take constructed criticism very well and end up very upset! don’t be one of those people; as constructive criticism will hurt but, it make you a better musician and person.
I use FL Studio 11 for creating my music and a really cheap MIDI keyboard I found at a clothing store! The 54 key Midi Keyboard is called “First Act Piano” by cakewalk, It’s used for learning piano and its very basic, I would not recommend you getting this! I have had this for almost four years and it’s been my friend and mostly enemy!
Sure! feel free to remix any of my tracks! as long as I am credited and the track is free to download!
You can find my music for free at my Bandcamp or Soundcloud!