Welcome to TimeWiseStudios! My Name is Daniel Valenzuela, Founder of TimeWiseStudios! In this website you will find my portfolio of previous work and music that I’ve created over the years that I hope you’ll find entertaining and useful for your projects. I’m also available to work for you if you’re interested as well!

There’s No “I” in Team! Without my Team, I would not have reached my goals and dream. We all share the same passion for gaming that tells me that they are the perfect team to have, My team has helped me accomplish through many hard obstacles that I wouldn’t overcome alone!

We love to meet Game Developers! Over time, Our game play has reached out to new game developers! We have received emails to review their next game, some gave us Beta testing access before the released versions! Also, They have made what we do even better knowing that they enjoyed watching our game play footage! We were also educated on learning how the game developing works! it was fun and amazing!

We are Gamers and Musicians Besides this website being a personal portfolio of my work, my friends and I have been recording game play and giving the game developers the footage to listen to our critiques, enjoyed reactions, and reviews for them. I am also a freelance Musician, If you like soft music or ambient sounds! check out my list of music in my page! I am starting to do commissioned work, if you need ambient music for your game or video! you know who to call!

We Love What We Do.