Welcome to TimeWiseStudios! My Name is Daniel Valenzuela, Founder of TimeWiseStudios! In this website you will find my portfolio of previous work and music that I’ve created over the years that I hope you’ll find entertaining and useful for your projects. I’m also available to work for you if you’re interested as well!

There is no I in team! Without my team, I wouldn’t have reached my goals and dreams. We all share the same passion for gaming and that tells me that they are the perfect team to have. My team has helped me accomplish many hard obstacles that I wouldn’t have overcome without them.

Over time, our game-play has reached out to the developers of those games. We love meeting and hearing from those game developers too! We have received emails to review their next game, test out a beta for any upcoming games, and even learn a lot on what it takes to develop a game. Just the fact that they go out of their way to let us know that they enjoy our game play footage is an honor alone and we appreciate them as their viewing and comments alone motivates us to continue what we do and make it an all out fun and amazing experience!

We love what we do.


Frequently Asked Questions. 

What is TimeWiseStudios?

  • A Group of friends doing lets plays together and helping others with projects.
  • We Learn and talk with game developers to understand the hardship of coding and creating games.
  • We Hope that one day we can assist developers on projects with Music, Reviews, Art and Compassion.
  • We Create Content for your enjoyment! we are thinking of ways to make our content exciting for you and have fun.
  • We Assist Animators, Artists, Game Developers and Musicians in our group to help you with your questions and needs!
  • A Huge Variety of different videos soon! so keep in touch and look out for my recent updates for upcoming videos and news!

What type of content do you create?

We have about two Youtube channels with each having their own variety of content!

TimeWiseStudios (youtube)

  • Gameplay , We record a variety of gameplay from physical consoles to online flash games on newgrounds with groups.
  • Reactions , A reaction series with an owl (Res) reacts and responses to videos using expressions and whitty commentary!
  • Tutorials , Quick guides on the most recent game to help decide what you are looking for or searching for in your game .
  • Topics , Sharing my thoughts, opinions and suggestions on improving and helping out others by giving my experience.
  • Top 10 , a thought out list that follows a top ten of my most favorite type of games, movies, and more! (the list goes on forever).

Resonant Waves (youtube)

  • Music , I uploaded all of my composed music tracks I created over time to share it with the world to sit down and relax!
  • Remixes , Video Game OST’s that I admired and enjoyed so much that, I wanted to create a fan made version of that track.
  • Albums , Announcements that tracks are compiled into EP and LP albums, for you to easily download and enjoy the music.
  • Collaborations , My musician buddys and I make awesome tracks for charity and/or fun! we hope you enjoy them as well!

What type of Microphone do you use?

  • Samson C0U1 , This is a great microphone, I have no problems with this microphone or any issues, the sound quality is great, the microphone looks professional, and its a USB microphone! (for those who don’t have an XLR microphone or Audio box.) This is a good start for beginners to use for recording, theres always gonna be a better microphone out there! But this is my personal favorite after trying out different brands of microphones!

Do you use any Social Media?

Yes, I am actively on social media! If you have a question, want to see what I am up to! and wanting to say hello! check out these social medias down below!

  • Twitter , I mostly use this to contact content creators and follow them!
  • Youtube , I am not sure if this is considered social media! but, I upload all my content here.
  • Player.me , this is like twitter but for gamers! its amazing! I would reccomend checking it out.
  • SoundCloud , I upload my music as a downloadable content on this website!

What software do you use?

  • Sony Vegas Pro , I use this for Video Editing, this is also a great software for beginners and professional users. I would recommend this to everyone using a PC, since this software is only for PC and unavailable for MAC.
  • Bandicam ,I use this for Capturing Audio and Video on my computer screen, I have tried many softwares and found this to be my favorite screen recorder to use, its simple and easy! also records in 720p HD and 1080p HD! it has not failed me, and so far all my videos you have seen, are all recorded using this software!
  • Audacity , I use this for Audio Recording for many years and its free! you do not need a $20 $600 software to get great sound, you just need this Audacity Audio software and a good microphone! for professional recording, all of my Audio commentary recordings are done with this software.
  • FL Studio , I use this for Composing Music, FL Studio is a great musical software to create music! Its my personal favorite music software and I have been using this DAW software since 2008!, I did try other DAWs of course! but FL Studio takes the cake! great for beginners and advanced musicians!
  • GIMP , I use this for my Artwork and Thumbnails!, I noticed all the youtube channels, use a software to make thumbnails! and Adobe photoshop can be expensive! luckliy i found this awesome free software called Gimp! which is a artwork software to make images such as PNG, JPEG, GIFs, and more! this is a great tool to use for creating software and if you dont have any cash to buy art programs!

Who is Resonant Waves?

  • My Name is Daniel ValenzuelaI compose music for Animations, Projects, and Games.
  • if you watch the lets play videos my nickname is ResWhich is from my musician name “Resonant Waves”.
  • My friends started to call me Res ,* I Have gotten used to it! so now my alias on youtube is “Res” on my channel! *
  • Resonant Waves is a Sound Wave frequency , from Ambience and Resonance , thus I compose ambient music! pretty neat right?

What type of genres do you compose?

The genre of music I compose currently are…

  • Ambient , a style of gentle pads used to create or enhance a mood or atmosphere.
  • Dark Ambient , a style of foreboding, ominous, or discordant overtones.
  • Experimental Ambient , a style of encompassed a wide variety of figures such as Drones, Metal and experimented sounds and effects.
  • Industrial Ambient , a style of experimental/electronic music that draws on transgressive or provocative sounds and themes.
  • Soundscape , a style of in a particular location, considered as a whole like an ocean, sea, jungle and any type of surrounds sometimes with instruments.

Can you make edm, rock, guitar or other genres?

  • Unfortunately No , I will not be able to assist you on your projects , I have no experience with those genres.
  • I’m an Ambient MusicianI’m more focused in that area of Genre!
  • I will not be able to help you or accept work from you , if you don’t need Ambient music.
  • I am learning new Genres and Instruments but , not enough to work on projects.

Can I use your music for a project?

  • Contact mePlease.

Can I hire you to make music for my project?

  • Yes!
  • Please contact me through contact page and send me a message and we should go from there!

I have read all the questions but, I still need to ask something!

  • Do you have any more questions?
  • Didn’t find what you were looking for?
  • Contact me, I will read the question and answer it personally! then add it to the FAQs!