Welcome to TimeWiseStudios! My Name is Daniel Valenzuela, Founder of TimeWiseStudios! In this website you will find my portfolio of previous work and music that Ive created over the years that I hope youll find entertaining and useful for your projects. Im also available to work for you if youre interested as well!

Theres no I in team! Without my team, I wouldnt have reached my goals and dreams. We all share the same passion for gaming and that tells me that they are the perfect team to have. My team has helped me accomplish many hard obstacles that I wouldnt have overcome without them.

Over time, our gameplay has reached out to the developers of those games. We love meeting and hearing from those game developers too! Weve received emails to review their next game, test out a beta for any upcoming games, and even learn a lot on what it takes to develop a game. Just the fact that they go out of their way to let us know that they enjoy our gameplay footage is an honor alone and we appreciate them as their viewing and comments alone motivates us to continue what we do and make it an all out fun and amazing experience!

We Love What We Do.